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Tetsujin 28

Tetsujin28: Monster Resurrected V.1
Released By: Geneon Entertainment
DVD SRP: $24.98 – 115 Minutes
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen
Audio: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo), Japanese (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo) & English Subtitles

The Spectacular Action-Packed Science Fantasy Has Been Resurrected!

The journey begins when Professor Kaneda creates the ultimate soldier robot, Tetsujin, as a substitute for his son, Shotaro, whom he mistakenly believed died in a bomb raid on Tokyo during World War II. To prevent the army from using Tetsujin as a tool for destruction, the professor hides the robot on a remote island. Ten years after the war, Tetsujin is finally resurrected after 28 attempts made by the late Professor Kaneda’s protégé, Professor Shikishima. Meanwhile, Shotaro has grown up to become a genius boy detective and now joins forces with his beloved Tetsujin to wage a courageous battle against evil! A legendary masterpiece, which shines in the history of postwar manga, is now resurrected brilliantly!

DVD Features:
• Non-Credit Opening
• Geneon Trailers

This series is based on a popular post World War II manga. The story is legendary in a lot of ways. The plot thickens within each episode and tells a story that is humorous, entertaining, deadly serious and even uplifting. The future can be grand even with a past full of death and destruction. There are those that can’t see this and seem to want more death. Those are the evil beings that rampage the earth. Tetsujin28, despite being created for destruction, now helps Shotaro fight this evil in a war of the past against the present..

STORY – Rating: 8.0 (out of 10)
There was little knowledge of this acclaimed story inside my wee-head when I watched this debut volume of the classic tale. To be honest… there still isn’t. That is, there isn’t much I know of how the story went, why it all went down the way it did, or who the heck any of the characters were. That makes it sound more like a barrel of confusion squished between matter and monkeys doesn’t it? Well, truth of the matter, the show was interesting to watch. These first five episodes still left me feeling emotionally unattached to the characters. That didn’t stop my curiosity anyway. The next five episodes would be fun to watch as well and for the price asked for getting five episodes from Geneon that isn’t even close to being a bad deal. I’m still not sure whether or not the story is pro-weapon or against them. Either way – it’s a show meant to make the brain think. The effect works to some extent. Each episode drew me in more than the last and this first batch of episodes makes for a nice introduction.

This DVD Contains Episodes:
• 01 – The Resurrection of Shotaro
• 02 – No. 28 vs. No. 27
• 03 – The Arrival of Monster Robot
• 04 – The Other Tetsujin Project
• 05 – Tetsujin vs. Black Ox

ANIMATION – Rating: 9 (out of 10)
Amazing! I loved the animation in the series. The character designs are brilliant, the colors are perfectly toned, the design is top-notch, the flow is outstanding – everything regarding the animation in the series is great. Ignoring a few cheap looking CG-animation shots, everything looks beautiful. That is the number one reason to watch this series. Those who enjoyed the style of animation found in anime such as Metropolis and Astro Boy will love this as well.

AUDIO – Rating: 10 (out of 10)
The audio doesn’t feature any high-class 5.1 Surround Sound but what is available sounds great and shouldn’t disappoint fans of the series. Everything sounded smooth and beautiful to these ears. The Voice Acting was exceptional as well. Bravo, Bravo. This is high class audio without the high-end of things.

EXTRAS – Rating: 1 (out of 10)
There are hardly any extras on this volume. At least the fact that five episodes were included on this release helps to make up for that downfall. Only a Non-Credit Opening is included as a “real” bonus. There are also trailers for other recent Geneon releases.

Fans of classic-style anime will get a kick out of this show. It’s a fun watch and this volume is worthwhile in many regards – beautiful animation, good story, and a great number of episodes. While the lack of extras was disappointing the volumes will likely continue to be good on episode count. This is worth renting at the very least.