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Mummies Alive!

It is the year 1525 B.C. and a wicked sorcerer Scarab has done away with the Pharaoh’s son and his four warrior protectors led by the valiant Ja-Kal. After burying Scarab alive, the Pharaoh curses him to live out 50 lifetimes entombed beneath the Egyptian sands. Fast forward to present day, Scarab’s tomb is discovered by archaeologists who unknowingly release his evil on an unsuspecting planet!

The 3,500-year-old Scarab is now living in San Francisco masquerading as the world’s richest man. At the same time, Ja-Kal and the other guardians return to life as powerful Armored Mummies who are still sworn to protect their boy from the treacherous Scarab. Soon enough, Ja-Kal finds traitors amongst his ranks as Ja-Kal’s reincarnated brother and nephew conspire with Scarab against him.

As Scarab wages war with the Mummies, a slew of his hideous monsters are bent on an-Nile-ating them… and the world! But Ja-Kal and his loyal team of kick-tut fighters have some awesome surprises under wraps too!