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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

This review will not be appreciated by many yet for some out there perhaps there is a level of agreement. The movie is a major disappointment from the eyes of someone that never held the Playstation controller for the original FF7 video game. That does not mean that none of games in the series have been played by myself; Final Fantasy 8 and 10 were a lot of fun. The real reason this film sounded interesting was due to the enticing box-office failure and critically bashed work known as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Despite what many said, the film felt true to the series of games. It looked beautiful visually and it had a story that was marvelous and engaging. Had the film been made with actors, and without the Final Fantasy name a part of it, the film would have no doubt become a much bigger success with audiences everywhere. It is unfortunate and true. Watching the film today it seems to shine even more than before. It was truly one of the best CG animated films ever made. That is not how Advent Children feels in the slightest. However, the movie does have its fair share of merits.

Action fans who want some extremely kick-ass scenes and don’t care much for plot will be perfectly delighted. The fights are not simply well orchestrated. Some of them are truly breathtaking. Halfway through the film it started to feel old though. Where was the thick of the plot? Just WHAT was going on? The film was not designed to be watched by anyone but the people that played the game. As an audience member who hadn’t I felt some explanations and character development would have be nice. Those who fell in love with the game though will likely get a kick out of the film. That is the simple truth. It seems as though a lot of characters return for a final showdown of sorts and it seems as though the movie has already pleased a great deal of the audience.

This is a fancy reunion for a very popular game. It has the best of intentions. Still, for those without the game knowledge and that care enough for a movie to stand entirely on its own it will be hard to watch the whole way through. The visuals are almost as stunning as they were in ‘The Spirits Within’. This time, however, it just doesn’t have the heart of an intelligent story unfolding before our eyes.

Final Grade: C+