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  • Becoming a comic book Artist

    Becoming a comic book Artist

    Becoming a comic book artist takes lots of training and specialized skill. Here we’ll look at some of the tasks ahead. Comic book artists have been around for almost 100 years. Cartooning much longer. Originally comic books were nothing more than a collection of comic strips in book form. The

  • So You Want to Become an Illustrator?

    So You Want to Become an Illustrator?

    Illustration is a highly specialized form of art and in truth what is illustration to one person is not the same to another. A professional illustrator either has their own personal style that others ask for or the illustrator can do multiple work for each client. To become an illustrator

  • How Much Does an Illustrator Make?

    How Much Does an Illustrator Make?

    How much a professional illustrator makes varies. Some make big money while others just eek by. The difference isn’t always how good the illustrator but is often how much their representative or agent or their own skill at business acumen is. That’s about the size of it. Illustrators usually have

  • How to become an Animator

    How to become an Animator

    Animation is a highly skilled craft and form of art. To learn how to become an animator calls for personal study, scholastic, and on the job training to be a professional animator. First comes skills. You need to know art. How to draw, even with computer animation that is a

  • Video Game Designer Salary

    Video Game Designer Salary

    Before I delve into how many Microsoft and Doritos points a video game designer salary can purchase you, let’s first talk about the median annual video game designer salary. That amount is just around $79,000 per year. That’s a pretty penny for doing something that video game players all around

  • Become a Video Game Designer

    Become a Video Game Designer

    What does a video game designer really do after all? Where do video game designers work? Let’s learn more about video game designers. Video game design is certainly an amazing field to work in. For people who have a passion about interactive entertainment and computer technology, designing video games is

  • Stop Motion Animator

    Stop Motion Animator

    Where does a stop motion animator work and what do they do? Let’s take a look at what they do and where they work, and get a sneak peek into their career. It’s a fascinating career that they have. Animators in the stop motion field are a cool set of

  • Graphic Designer Job Description

    Graphic Designer Job Description

    What are the responsibilities of a graphic designer? Where do they work? The graphic designers of today do a lot of amazing work for publications in production design. Graphic designers also build multimedia projects, interactive media, and material for websites. Basically, graphic designers who have a background in animation will

  • Flash Animators

    Flash Animators

    What do flash animators really do? Where do flash animators actually work? Let’s take a look at the careers of flash animators. It’s pretty interesting what they do, and what they’re good at, because it takes a unique person to be able to do it. It’s someone with a natural

  • Film and Video Editor

    Film and Video Editor

    What does a Film and Video Editor do with all their time? Where do Film and Video Editors actually work? Let’s take a peek into what they do and where they work? Film and video editors have the duties of processing, assembling, and cutting film footage for different kinds of