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Video Game Designer Salary

Before I delve into how many Microsoft and Doritos points a video game designer salary can purchase you, let’s first talk about the median annual video game designer salary. That amount is just around $79,000 per year. That’s a pretty penny for doing something that video game players all around the world envy you for, and it’s one of the most fun jobs on the planet. You actually get to make the games that bring so many people immense pleasure. Before you get too excited though, let’s put this into some perspective. If a chief executive officer is bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then there are just some average, or maybe lazy, guys maybe making $25,000-$30,000 per year, then that’s going to affect the median earn income. I mean, I don’t have to elaborate on simple math to you, do I?

As you know, salaries have a wide variance, and the region of the country you’re in is going to make a huge difference. The Western region is going to give you about $13,000 more than the Northeast region, and as much as $16,000 more than the southern region. Salaries can even vary widely from city to city in the same state. Keep that information in mind too.

Game Designer Salary

According to the International Game Developers Association, the designer with the lowest pay who just has one or two years of experience can hope to get about $50,000 and people in the upper tier can hope to get around $80,000. The people who get these high levels of payment are typically the creative directors, lead designers, and senior designers with six or more years of experience. The average is about $57,000, and the highest amount can reach up to $200,000 or more. Another good source is Game Developer Mag, and they conduct their own research, and they have interviewed thousands of people in the video game industry, across multiple disciplines, and their average video game designer salary is around $62,000.

There are also pay grades for junior designers, lead designers, and creative directors that vary. For example, the pay amounts for junior designer are $40,000, $45,000, and $49,000 for low, mid, and high respectively. For the lead designer, it is $60,000, $66,000, and $69,000. For the creative director, it is $77,000, $87,000, and $100,000+. Keep in mind, these are just averages. They are not the real salary numbers.

The information above is the calculated earned income for people with experience less than three years, three to six years, and over six years. The data was rounded to the nearest thousand here. It’s a calculated average from a source that’s reputable. The salary that’s earned depends on a lot of factors like the kind of designer, the company they work at, and the location that they’re in, and that all goes into the earned wage.

Everyone loves to play games, but it takes a lot of effort to make one. Be sure to read up on other articles about video game testing, game programming, and video game design.