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Stop Motion Animator

Where does a stop motion animator work and what do they do? Let’s take a look at what they do and where they work, and get a sneak peek into their career. It’s a fascinating career that they have.

Animators in the stop motion field are a cool set of people. They use clay, puppets, or models to make animated features, branded entertainment, and television commercials. Stop motion animation is sometimes referred to as stop frame animation, clay animation, model animation, and claymation. Stop motion animation features include James and the Giant Peach and Wallace & Gromit.

Stop Motion Animator Careers

Stop motion animators merge the ability to calculate angles and manipulate lighting, narrative ability, and photography to make stop motion animation aren’t ever manipulating it digitally. The animator shows scenes from various positions, characters, and objects. This makes it a compelling kind of animation, and it is not cartoon-like or sort of like computer-generated animation. This creates some of the most special animation that’s ever been produced.

Stop motion animators have employment at advertising agencies, gaming companies, video and film production companies, and animation studios.

Stop Motion Animator Income

Stop motion animators netted a mean salary of $62,000. The bottom group of stop motion animators made $32,000, and the animators in the class that was the best paid earned about $99,000 each year. Five states that had the highest annual salaries included California, New York, Oregon, District of Columbia, and Connecticut. They make a mean salary of $81,000 each year, and stop motion animators that live in the San Jose and Santa Clara area specifically make the hugest mean national salary.

How to become a stop motion animator

Employers want to employ animators who have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, film, or animation. They also want to see about two years of professional production experience on top of that. Stop motion animators at the entry level might have some success if they posses a bachelor’s degree and some internship or support position. Intermediate and high-level positions might need two years of professional production and experience.

Jobs For Stop Motion Animators

Employment opportunities for stop motion animators is projected to grow an average of 14 percent from 2008 to 2018. This is more than every other category in the related workers and artists category. Salary and wage employment in the video and motion picture industries is going to grow an average of 14% through 2008-2018, compared to 11% growth for salary and wage employment in every different industry combined together.