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Graphic Designer Job Description

What are the responsibilities of a graphic designer? Where do they work?

The graphic designers of today do a lot of amazing work for publications in production design. Graphic designers also build multimedia projects, interactive media, and material for websites. Basically, graphic designers who have a background in animation will have increased job choices compared to designers that don’t have any experience in animation.

Graphic Designer Career

Graphic designers handle the production design and overall layout for publications. They produce and design packaging for logos, products, and business signs. Some of them even design the television and film credits overall looks. Graphic designers deal with animation, photography, artwork, colors, and sound, and they do whatever the project needs to have eone.

Graphic designers will work in a lot of different settings like multimedia firms, graphic design firms, video and film production studios, animation studios, public relations firms, web design companies, and advertising agencies.

Graphic Designer Salaries

Unique graphic designer salaries will vary a lot depending on other factors, position, education, experience, size of company, and location. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the mean annual earnings for graphic designesr with salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual salary for graphic designers were around $42,000. The middle group earned between $32,000 and $56,000. The bottom 10% earned $26,000, and the top 10% earned $74,000.

The AIGA put out its own information for graphic designers. The reports lists the salaries according to the degree of experience the graphic designer has. According to the findings, median annual wages for entry-level designers was around $35,000. Graphic designers on the staff level earned about $45,000. Senior-level designers earned an average of $60,000, and solo designers who did freelance work or worked with a contract earned an average of $57,000.

Design directors, the creative leads at design firms or in-house corporate departments earned about $95,000. Graphic designers who have partnership or ownership stake in a firm or those who were firm principals in some way can earn $95,000.

How to become a graphic designer

A Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design is necessary for an entry-level position in this field, but if you really want to enhance your chances of getting a job with a with a great company that works with multimedia, animation, and more, then you need to consider an animation major with a graphic design minor, or the other way around. As well as the degree in graphic design or animation, employers look for advanced knowledge with the latest animation software and computer graphics and design software and self-discipline, an eye for detail, and creativity. Just a few of those software programs include Maya, Anime, and Adobe.

Job Choices For Graphic Designers

According to the BLS, website graphic designers with a demand in animation are in high demand, and they can expect to have the most job opportunities for the 2008-2018 decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that graphic designers with animation and website design experience will specifically be required as demand increases for design projects for technology, mobile phones, websites, and other kinds of interactive media.