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Become a Video Game Designer

What does a video game designer really do after all? Where do video game designers work? Let’s learn more about video game designers.

Video game design is certainly an amazing field to work in. For people who have a passion about interactive entertainment and computer technology, designing video games is a true dream job, but people with just a little video game interest should seize the chance to join up with this enthralling industry.

Video game designers merge animation skills, design, mathematics, engineering, science, and technology to make action-packed, realistic games that have sold in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of copies all across the globe too. As well as entertainment, video game designers make games for businesses, advertising, and the education industry. Video game designers are becoming very important to the industry of mobile technology too.

Video Game Designer Jobs

Video game designers do a ton of things as a component of the design journey. The make characters and storylines, and they design gameplay prototypes and role-play too. Video game designers also work with artists to tweak the visual style of games, and they draw out challenges, puzzles, and missions for players to go up against throughout game play. Video game designers do these tasks for web design firms, advertising firms, companies in graphic design, mobile technology firms, software publishing firms, and video game publishers.

Video Game Designer Salaries

Video game designers earn some of the biggest median entertainment industry salaries. That being said though, personal salaries can vary a lot depending on expertise area, education, and experience. The area of expertise could be interactive education games, mobile technology, or video games. Generally, video game designers can hope to make a median of $77,000 per year.

How to become a video game designer

If you’re thinking about trying to get into being a video game designer, then there are lots of educational paths you can take. A computer science degree with a specialty in computer graphics is an option you can try, and you can get a degree in game programming, math, digital art with a focus in animation, game programming, game development, game art, game design, and animation.

As well as the degree in one or more of the fields above, employers need a minimum of two years experience for mid-level positions. For higher-level positions, employers could need an advanced degree, another 3-5 years of professional experience, and some big projects behind them too. For positions where you’re just starting out, a degree plus a little experience through a support position or internship is fine.

Job outlook for video game designers

The employment growth rate for the whole industry is projected to grow 13.1% over the 2008-2018 decade, and some states might have higher growth than other states. Six states make up for ¾’s of the video game industry. Those states are California, Washington, Texas, New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois. Getting jobs in these states, uniquely Washington and California, might be easy for entry-level and senior-level video game designers. For a huge number of companies in gaming, both small and big, look into San Francisco, Seattle, and Silicon Valley.