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Art Director Job Description

What does an Art Director really do? Where does an Art Director actually work? Let’s take a look at what Art Directors do and where they work. It could be really enlightening. You might want to go into a career as an Art Director.

Art Directors handle the whole overall visual scope of a project in a huge variety of fields like publishing, animation, graphic design, web design, and advertising. Other words for art director include production lead, creative project manager, design director, and creative director.

Art Director Careers

Art directors make designs, manage layout and production, select photographs, and review artist materials. They guide visual artists like graphic designers, illustrators, and animators, and they help to manage content writers and copywriters. Some art directors can make decisions about budget, and they might train and hire creative staff.

Art directors are employed in colleges, museums, TV and film production studios, web design firms, graphic design firms, game design companies, advertising firms, and animation production studios.

Art Director Salary Profiles

Art directors are some of the highest paid artists out there. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the average annual wages for art directors were approximately $76,000. The 50% in the middle earned between $55,000 and $108,000. The bottom ten percent earned under $40,000, and the top ten percent earned about $154,000.

How to become an art director

Art directors usually start as entry-level designers and artists in advertising, publishing, web and graphic design, and film production. An art director promotion usually shows up after the artist has already demonstrated superior artistic and leadership abilities. If your final goal is to make the transition to an art director, then think about getting a degree in art management or art administration. Along with art design skills, these programs will also help students to develop skills in business and financial management.

A degree in art management or art administration isn’t required to become an art director, and it’s only a suggestion. Lots of art directors have degrees in other areas like the fine arts, film, commercial and advertising art, computer graphics, illustration, advertising, photography, graphic design, and animation.

Job choices for art directors

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, art directors are going to see an increase in advertising jobs because of the requirement for the overall vision they offer to a project. There are over 84,000 art directors employed in the United States today. These are professionals that hold more positions in the field than any other kind of artist. At 79,000, animators and multimedia artists come in at a close second, and fine artists are behind at about 23,000 workers.

The job growth for art directors is about the same as the average for all other occupations. Art director employment is going to grow about 12% through year 2018. This is just a little lower than animators and multimedia artists, which is at about 14%. Between right now and 2018, art director employment will go up from 84,000 to 94,000, and animators and multimedia artists will increase.