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3D modeler

What do 3D modelers do anyway? Where do they work?

Let’s learn a little about what 3D modelers.

3D modelers do the tough work of making three-dimensional models by working with depths, widths, and heights. There are a ton of programs that people use to model that include 3DS, Lightwave, and Maya. Modeling can also be done with application components like Sharper or Lofter. POV-Ray, RenderMan, and Manchester, which are scene description language, can also be utilized in 3D modeling.

3D Modeler Jobs

3D modelers make models for video games and 3D movies, and they create modeling and images for websites too, which include location-based entertainment, CD-Rom design, props and characters for film, television effects, special effects, broadcast design, simulations, film effects, animation, and graphic designs. 3D modelers are extremely multi-talented artists, and they also create models and images for healthcare agencies, engineers, scientists, architects, geologists, and more.

3D modelers do work in studios for video production and film, real estate firms, architectural technology firms, interior design studios, crime labs and forensics offices, government agencies, retail stores, car companies, environmental and aerospace companies, manufacturing companies, product design companies, universities and colleges, laboratories, architectural firms, software companies, web design companies, graphic design and advertising companies, and game design companies.

3D Modeler Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has salary data for 3D modelers under the category “Artists and Related Workers.” The website only has 3D modeler salaries who work in fields like entertainment and multimedia. In 2008, 3D modelers in the fields listed earned about $56,000 per year. The middle group earned between $41,000 and $77,000 per year, and the bottom ten percent earned under $31,000 per year. The 10% who were paid the highest earn over $100,000 per year.

There are a lot of 3D models who function as self-employed pepole, and these peoples’ salaries can vary tremendously. Freelancers who are very well-established can earn a lot more than artists with salaries can, and others that are just getting started could charge substantially less. Entry-level modelers who are self-employed could get paid far less modelers, but this is just a temporary stage, and talented artists will advance quickly in pay.

How to become a 3D Modeler

3D models need advanced skills in computer technology and math. Other skills might be needed wherever the 3D modeler is employed. For instance, 3D modelers in the video game or film industry have to have design and creative skills beyond the normal level, and people in the scientific fields who are 3D models have to have a broad background in science.

The concentration area and major you decide upon will be based on the field you want to go into. For instance, if you want to become a 3D modeler in the video game industry, you should think about making a switch to the game design major. If you want to become a 3D modeler and work in a field related to science, you should consider getting a major in physics with a focus on modeling. There are tons of minors and majors to pick from, and there’s no reason you should limit yourself. There are so many options to choose from. Media and cinema studies, visual computing, game programming, computer science, interactive media, and computer graphics and motion picture technology are just some of those majors.

Talk with a career counselor at the college you’re considering on going to, to make certain you are getting into the perfect program for the career path you’re mulling. If you’re not sure about the colleges that are right for the career you want, check into mathematics programs, technology, traditional colleges with design & art programs, career colleges, technical colleges, and art and design schools.

Job Choices for 3D Modelers

3D modeling is a very specialized area. Since there is such a big need for 3D modelers in every industry, it can be great to apply for a job if you have a lot of talent. The job market is ripe for the picking for the right candidates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics say that this field offers employment that will grow 8-14% through 2013. 3D modelers in the field of entertainment will see employment growth of about 14% and those working in the illustration field will see employment growth of about nine percent.

Based on what career portals say, 3D modelers are wanted in high demand for careers in research and development. There are a lot of career choices in the geology, chemistry, engineering, architecture, and medical fields.