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What does an Animator actually do? It sounds like an interesting job, right? Let’s take a peek into what animators do, because you may want to get involved in it.

Animators make 2D and 3D graphics in motion for music videos, commercials, video games, and animated films. They make images, and they make special effects and other kinds of graphic images too, and the employ computer software, film, and video. Some of the top popular software programs that animators use include Ability Photopaint, VectorDesigner, AutoDesk 3DS, and Adobe.

Animator Careers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics say that animators create characters or objects that look lifelike by working with transparency, shadow, texture, color, and light, or they work with static images and manipulate them to make them look like they’re in motion. They make three-dimensional and two-dimensional objects, and they depict objects in motion or illustrate a process, and the use a modeling program or computer animation, and they make complex animation and graphics. They use computer equipment, creativity, and independent judgment.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that animators work in the following industries: Technical and trade schools, Computer Systems Design and Related Services, and Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services.

Animators are employed in environments like mobile technology companies, graphic design firms, web design firms, advertising agencies, cartoon networks, gaming companies, film and video production facilities, and animation production studios.

Animator Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average annual wage for animators was about $62,000 per year. The animators who had the lowest paychecks were making $32,000 per year. The animators with the highest salaries were making $99,000 per year.

It’s critical to keep in mind that animator salaries have some serious variation, and they change according to the geographic location, size and type of the company, and experience. For example, a senior animator at Pixar could make more than $100,000 per year. An animator working at some place like Blue Sky Studios could make $58,000 per year. Some animators are self-employed, so there are a lot of factors besides the ones listed above.

The states that pay the most to animators include California, with an average annual wage of $74,000, New York with an average annual wage of $66,000, Oregon with an average annual wage of $62,000, District of Columbia with an average annual wage of $62,000, and Connecticut with an average annual wage of $62,000. Of course, these numbers are approximate, so you have to take that into consideration.

How to become an animator

Most animators have a Bachelor’s Degree in animation or fine art. Necessary courses like 3D and 2D animation are part of both degree programs. Animators can study how animals and humans move and also study anatomy too so that they can get a better idea of how to draw things in a more realistic way. Most employers want to have at least two years worth of experience with a support position or internship. Those are for the entry-level positions though. Senior-level positions may need at least five to seven years worth of experience in the industry and maybe an advanced degree of some sort.

Job outlook for animators now

The Bureau of Labor Statistics merges animator careers and multimedia into one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, multimedia artist and animator demand is expected to sharply increase because consumers will continue to require video games that are more realistic, television and movie special effects, and animated movies that are 3D. There is a rising demand for computer graphics because of the massive proliferation of mobile technologies and all the increasing job opportunities, as well as the need for animators in other areas like design services and scientific research.

There are about 79,000 animators and multimedia artists working today. These people occupy the second biggest group of artists in the world of art. Art directors are the biggest group with 84,000 people. That being said, the job outlook for animators and multimedia artists is higher than in any other art-related field. Multimedia artist and animator employment is expected go up 14% through 2018. Between now and that time, multimedia artist and animator employment is expected to go up to 90,2000.

Even though there are animator positions all over the U.S., there are five states that have the highest employment rate. Those states are Illinois, Texas, Washington, New York, and California. California has the highest number of paid multimedia artist and animator positions in the country. Consider moving to California if you want to be an animator. It’s a very creative state.




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